The “European Flagwaving Archive” is a digital project produced by flagwavers and flagwaving-enthusiasts with the aim of archiving flagwaving sequences and information about flagwaving or flag throwing.

We focus on flagwaving movements and the material required for this. Heraldry and flag inscriptions are not included in the archive.
Flagwaving sequences/Choreography are archived as videos and/or written descriptions.

In addition, we also try to collect as much published material related to flagwaving as possible. We focus specifically on flagwaving in Europe.

More information can be find in our manifest.

News: Welcome to the new groups and their creations

Back from a fantastic W.E. ‘Int. Flag-waver’s Meeting’, Euva-eufa can look back happily and satisfactorily on a successful collaboration between passionate Flag-waver’s and the archive.

Several groups made the decision to join. Which was carried out immediately.

Recordings were made of various creations. The videos will soon be visible on the website. Always considering the wishes and permission of the groups.

The ‘Int. Flag-waver’s Meeting’ meant a leap forward for Euva-eufa.

We would like to thank all groups that have contributed.