If you have a sequence or written material that you want and can add to the archive, please do not hesitate to contact us!
If you are not sure how to describe the item or make a video of it, or if you do not have the necessary equipment to film a sequence, we can certainly help you on your way or we will film the sequence for you ourselves.

If you have material to add, please contact us (Click to display email.) ( Click to make the Email visible. ) And follow the Step-by-step plan.


Although all video material is welcome, we still want to make sure that the footage of every sequence is archived with the same quality and we can help with the following tips to achieve this:

  • Use a good camera on a tripod
  • Minimum resolution: 720p, preferably 1080p
  • Choose a neutral background (most importantly, avoid any movement in the background)
  • Good exposure, with camera at a fixed exposure setting
  • Minimise the number of flagwavers. Filming what could be a solo sequence with several performers together creates confusion, especially if there is any slight variation between them!
  • In sequences with complex movements, it can be interesting to film from multiple points of view. The following camera angles are suitable:
    • 1 front camera right in front of the flagwaver
    • Front and rear (straight in front and behind the performer)
    • 2 front cameras, angled in front of the flag (± 35┬░)
    • Combinations of the foregoing
    • Where multiple cameras are used, the best effect is gained by editing them into a single sequence.

Note: The video of the series can be included in the archive WITHOUT it being made publicly available.


The flagwaving archive does not provide translations of descriptions.
If you use specific flagwaving terms, be sure to refer to a source that describes them clearly.
In the archive there is room for both short and extended descriptions.


We use Pictograms to indicate the rights to items. This is stated in our manifesto.

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You can use this link to add all information about the sequence to the archive yourself. Be sure to read the information on the pictograms in the manifesto!