The 'European Flagwaving Archive' is a digital project produced by flagwavers and flagwaving-enthusiasts.


The European Flagwaving Archive aims to archive materials about flagwaving to prevent them from being lost to posterity. With materials we mean :

  • Descripyions of flags and batons (dimensions, mass, form),
  • Descriptions of series/sequences/creations
  • Flagwaving groups (only this with series/sequences/creations in the archive) and
  • Literature about the preceding subjects

The focus of the archive is on flagwaving in Europe. Heraldry and flag inscriptions are not archived.


  • We will not favour any federation, group or person. Every contributor and every group’s material will be treated with equal importance and handled in the same way.
  • Although every item is unique, the treatment of all material will be consistent and standardized to make the archive usable and avoid giving some items unequal importance. Every item has its own unique character, but our treatment of it will be completely standardized.
  • If any contributing group is dissatisfied with the treatment of their material, they may, if their objections cannot be resolved, decide to have their material removed from the archive.
  • It is the responsibility of the submitting group to ensure their material contains no breaches of copyright, whether in respect of music, drumming or visual material. If it is established that copyright has been violated, the material will be removed from the archive.


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We use pictograms indicate simply what uses of the archived material are permitted by the authors

Archived only, not published. The item will be retained but the description and/or video will not be displayed. Only the names of the choreography and group are visible.
Arrangement, remixes and/or development are permitted
Arrangement, remixes and/or development are only permitted with acknowledgement to the original author
Arrangement, remixes and / or development are only permitted with the permission of the original author
Arrangement, remixes and / or development are not permitted
Performances permitted
Performance only permitted with an acknowledgement to the original author
Performance rights are reserved by the group that created the sequence. Performance by the public is not permitted
Performance of the serie is permitted on unpaid or paid terms
Paid performance of the serie is not permitted
Publication and broadcasting permitted on other media, websites and social media
Display on other media, websites and social media is not permitted
The user or visitor to the archive remains responsible for compliance with all rights and law in respect of selected music.

Definitions of Parties

People accessing the archive, users who consult the archive without holding rights to the material.
The creators of the material recorded: the people and groups who provide the contents of the archive and who hold the intellectual property rights to it.
The group of flagwaving enthusiasts who have created the archive, who contact the Authors and actively collect the material with the authors’ consent to make it available in the archive.

Definitions of Parties


  • can consult visible material
  • have a duty to respect the rights of authors to the material. These are represented by pictograms
  • can request the administrators to contact specific authors on their behalf. The administrators can relay questions to the relevant authors, together with any information or comment provided by the visitor.


  • offer the administrators written documents, descriptions, images and files to be placed in the archive under his conditions that he determines by ticking pictograms and this for each material he offers.
  • remain the owners of the material they have provided at all times
  • choose the rights to be assigned to their material. The rights reserved are indicated in the archive by pictograms
  • choose what material to submit to the archive, which may be different or be part of what they perform live publicly. After submitting material, rights to it remain with the authors, so they are free to request the administrators to delete it, to add to it or replace it with a different version as they wish
  • can change the material after adding material for the first time and its visibility after contacting the administrator


  • is a group of lovers of flagwaving, who have created the archive and taken responsibility for maintaining and managing it
  • can be contacted by other parties via the contact details given
  • will never pass on personal contact details of authors or visitors without their express permission.
  • Questions from visitors to authors can be passed on by the administrators to the relevant authors, including any information offered by the visitor
  • do not investigate whether copyrights are being violated and it is a condition of acceptance of material that the administrators cannot be held liable for any breach of copyright in the material.
  • It is the authors’ and visitors’ responsibility to respect the rights of other parties. Once notified of a breach, the Administrators will remove the protected material from the archive as soon as possible.