The “European Flagwaving Archive” is a digital project produced by flagwavers and flagwaving-enthusiasts with the aim of archiving flagwaving sequences and information about flagwaving or flag throwing.

We focus on flagwaving movements and the material required for this. Heraldry and flag inscriptions are not included in the archive.
Flagwaving sequences/Choreography are archived as videos and/or written descriptions.

In addition, we also try to collect as much published material related to flagwaving as possible. We focus specifically on flagwaving in Europe.

More information can be find in our manifest.

News: Preparation: Presentation at the 'Vendeltreffen'

The vendeltreffen in Lichtenvoorde is the perfect opportunity to launch and test the idea of a European flagwaving archive.

Purpose of the European flagwaving archive

We would like to record and archive full details of flagwaving routines or sequences in all their variety of shapes and styles. All too often, the recording of flagwaving sequences is not sufficiently complete or of good enough quality to enable the routine to be repeated at a later date, so the ability to perform it is lost. Similarly, when written descriptions of old sequences are they only source of information, they are sometimes insufficiently clear or detailed to enable the flagwaving sequence to be replicated.

We would therefore like to start a European flagwaving archive in which flagwaving sequences, recorded on video and in writing will be collected. This will need to be done in the spirit of the Vendeltreffen, i.e. all on an equal footing with mutual respect for everyone's styles and backgrounds.

We want the archive to show the specific styles of the contributing flagwaving groups. In addition, we want to record the physical details of the equipment and material such as the dimensions and shape of the baton and flags. Finally, we want to research and record the origin of each contributing group’s flagwaving style.